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President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,
YOU have made every pension payment required to keep our pension solvent.
The state, however, has NOT funded it enough for the last TWENTY YEARS!
Governor you know who, and others in both houses, passed a law in 2011 to fix this problem by INCREASING our payment. We’ve paid our share. Their portion was supposed to be increased as well…they did NOTHING to increase their payment. They DECREASED the payments that Governor Corzine approved…they BROKE THE LAW!
There’s a fix ready to go. And this is a permanent fix. Right now, there’s a resolution being heard to place a Constitutional Amendment on pensions on the ballot this November!
Senator Sweeney PEROMISES it WILL be on the ballot!
Why do we need this amendment to pass?
• To save our pensions!
• To make sure we receive the “deferred compensation” we were promised when we began making payments ourselves, beginning with our first paycheck!
• Because it is the FAIR thing to do!

What will this amendment do?
• It will require quarterly pension payments that WON’T add a cent to the state’s liabilities!
• It will establish a responsible funding schedule of quarterly payments that will save taxpayers at least 8.5 billion over the next 30 years!
• It will protect the right of vested public employees to their earned pension benefits….that’s YOU!
• It will guarantee that pension funding obligations would be enforceable in court, and that a governor cannot just say “Nope…there’s no money”
Remember this…we get no NEW benefits from this amendment. This amendment only ensures that the state pays for what we, and retirees, have ALREADY EARNED and what the court says we must be paid!
Now what?
We will need EVERY one of us, working together, from now until November 8th to get this resolution passed!
Go to www.votenjpension.org
Click on “get involved”…even if you already signed up to be a pension activist.
Fill out the requested info.
Check off ways you can help…please!
All pumped up and want more?
Apply for NJEA’s PAID summer fellowship program and gain firsthand experience in political organizing and have the opportunity to work with NJEA staff and fellow members on this year’s Constitutional Amendment campaign.
If you EVER have any questions, please email me. My home email is Stellabloo@aol.com

In Solidarity,

Ellen Ogintz

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