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President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

Hope you are enjoying the summer and have time to savor the remaining days.

YOUR EWEA has done just that…and more!

Chris Carpenter, Casandra Fox, Elissa Graga, Jerry Simonelli, Esmeralda Garcia and I spent eight looong, hot days in Orlando, Florida in July as your elected delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly. It was quite an experience! Read about it from Casey’s perspective in her excellent article about the experience. Just click on the “NEWS” link and you will be right there.

Have a good laugh at the pictures too…we certainly know how to play hard after working hard!

ewea 1             chris ball best

jerry hand chris weights 1 elissa [reserver esm weights 1 t rex shuffle casey elissa ears

I’ve met with our new interim superintendent, Tom Gialanella, and we had a few excellent discussions. He FULLY SUPPORTS our PRIDE and FAST grant initiatives and welcomes our participation in EVERY community event. That means I will be asking YOU to help out at these events, so get ready!

YOUR negotiations Team met three times, including twice with the Board of Education. We have another meeting set with the BOE for August 27th. Please note that it is NOT that we “do not have a contract”. Yes, the existing contract expired on June 30th. We work to THAT contract until another one is ratified by both YOU and the BOE…whenever that may be.

Chris Carpenter and I attended a fund raiser for Mercer County Freeholder Pat Colavita, a true friend of education.

fundraiser colavita                        fundraiser shark

Some of your leadership team attended NJEA’s Summer Leadership Conference to hone our skills on grievances, special education issues, evaluations, managing difficult people, and on being a Building Rep. In the evening, we played trivia. All hope was gone until the bonus question. Thanks to Chris Carpenter, we answered it correctly and WON! The prize? Well…lottery tickets, which gave us $6 that was “re-invested”…and lost. I think Chrisite has his hand in that too…

summer leadership 2015

Please remember to PRINT OUT your certificate of completion for the GCN and suicide prevention training. EWEA is working to put together a LIVE workshop to meet the needs of the Dyslexia training…with dinner! We will let you know as soon as that is worked out. Remember, you are also free to do the dyslexia training online…and print out THAT certificate.
***Note that you WILL get credit towards your state 20 hour requirement for this training. You will receive either three hours for GCN plus suicide prevention, or five hours if you must also take the dyslexia training. This will be entered into MLP AFTER the closing date at the end of October.

And while we are discussing workshops, click the link for PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and check out the workshops Ilene Edgerton and Donna Ratner have ALREADY set up on Google Docs and more! Save those dates!

Finally, we are getting ready now to welcome our new members to the annual new member luncheon on August 26. I personally love this opportunity to thank these people for being part of our glorious profession DESPITE the current climate. NJEA Vice President Marie Blistan will be joining us. She LOVES EWEA!!

I will see all of you at HHS on our first day. Remember to clap after my speech!

Until then, enjoy your days…and if you don’t read this until September…well, welcome back!

With pride…

Ellen Ogintz


 To access the entire EWEA website, including confidential materials such as our Contract, Constitution, and Building Rep phone numbers, you will need to Log In using your HOME email address and the last four digits in your Social Security number.  You can enter this information in the boxes to the right.


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