East Windsor Education Association


President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome  back to YOUR East Windsor Education Association webpage! We hope you are finding the information useful and chuckling from the pictures of us in various states of madness!

We have already completed 100 days of school! Doesn’t it go quickly? We are hoping that, amongst exhaustion, you feel like you are accomplishing YOUR goals. It’s not just about your SGO :)

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s “Teacher of the Year”! For the first time, our educational specialists were also allowed to be recognized…and rightfully so! They will all be honored at a Board meeting soon, so pictures are forthcoming :)

Thank you, vice president Chris Carpenter, for setting up our recent Optical Academy! There were almost 60 eye exams given and almost 100 pairs of glasses/contact lenses sold at a great discount! This is another example of your dues dollars at work.

Thank you workshop chairs Ilene Edgerton and Donna Ratner for being SO responsive to the needs of members. You asked for “Google Docs” and you got it! You wanted “Data Protocols” and you got it. Any other ideas? Please email me and I will investigate.

While we are on the subject of workshops, remember that EACH of you is entitled to $50 towards ANY workshops that get you PD credits. We might be the ONLY local that gives back to their members this way. Remember to send treasurer Kathleen Carvalho proof of payment and a copy of the certificate. You also have to enter the info onto MLP as an unreimbursed workshop.

We appreciate how you are “stepping up” and donating baby supplies for area children in need. We have ALWAYS been one of the MOST generous locals…and I am very proud of that. We will be collecting for another week or so and then donating it all to the Mercer County PRIDE committee…the organizers of the drive.

Finally, thank you for allowing us to use your HOME email for certain communications. It saddens me that our “climate” has changed, for now, and I must resort to that way of communicating, but “it is what it is”. If you haven’t received any of the emails (there have been THREE so far), please let me know.

Remember… on this website is a link to your contract, our Constitution, negotiations updates and more. You need to log in for these. Your log in is the email address on file with NJEA (which SHOULD be your HOME email address) and EITHER the last 4 numbers of your social security number OR the number on your NJEA membership card.

So, please stay INFORMED and STAY ACTIVE, because our strength is in our NUMBERS.

With pride… Ellen Ogintz




 To access the entire EWEA website, including confidential materials such as our Contract, Constitution, and Building Rep phone numbers, you will need to Log In using your HOME email address and the last four digits in your Social Security number.  You can enter this information in the boxes to the right.


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