East Windsor Education Association


President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

I’m Ellen Ogintz and I’m president of YOUR East Windsor Education Association.

You will be hearing a lot from me and your Building Reps, about Friedrich v. California Teacher’s Association, the landmark case, backed by the Koch brothers and other special interest group designed to TEAR DOWN UNIONS, which was recently heard in the U.S. Supreme Court.

They will share their decision in June…right when we are out of school.

Even if Friedrich wins, I KNOW in my soul it will NOT break the EWEA. YOU will not let it divide us and have some of us pay dues and some NOT pay dues for the same rights! You KNOW it’s wrong to have some people pay for benefits that ALL members enjoy!

It COULD have a devastating effect on our union, weakening it and NJEA’s ability to advocate for us and our students…if we let it.

United we stand…divided we fall. Simple as that.

You KNOW what our union…be it EWEA, NJEA. MCEA or NEA does for you. And if you don’t really think about it, and usually just take it all for granted, it is our job to remind you of what we do for you…in short spurts :)

I promise to keep you informed through weekly memes (thanks to our sister Lisa Bruno from Hopewell Valley EA) and facts.

We will not abandon the fight, whether Friedrich wins or loses.

Friedrich, and her group, want the benefits of union bargaining WITHOUT having to pay for it!

Remember these simple facts

  1. No one is forced to join a union, but everyone who benefits from union membership should contribute…and by benefits that means the contract and everything that’s been negotiated (sick days, work hours, etc.)
  2. no one should get a free ride for services that YOUR dues fund
  3. it’s reasonable to expect that everyone pay their FAIR SHARE

Worst case scenario, you will need to sign up for membership and pay your dues on your own as opposed to an automatic monthly withdrawal. Annoying, yes, but not union busting with us.

PLEASE email me if you want more information immediately or to discuss this further.

My home email is Stellabloo@aol.com

In Solidarity,

Ellen Ogintz

To access the entire EWEA website, including confidential materials such as our Contract, Constitution, and Building Rep phone numbers, you will need to Log In using your HOME email address and the last four digits in your Social Security number.  You can enter this information in the boxes to the right.


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