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WCB’s “Pennies for Playgrounds” a Big Success


The Walter C. Black School Student Council, under the leadership of Michael Falter and Susan Skillman, worked with students to take part in NJEA’s “Pennies for Playgrounds”.

“Pennies for Playgrounds” is a way for school children in New Jersey to make a difference for girls and boys who saw their lives forever transformed by Hurricane Sandy. NJEA has asked school children to donate pennies and spare change to help rebuild playgrounds in New Jersey. The Sea Bright playground has been completed and is dedicated to Anne Marie Murphy, the Newtown, CT teacher who died with the body of six-year-old Dylan Hockley in her arms as she tried to shield him from the gunman.

The students  in the Walter C. Black school filled buckets, jars and containers every day for a few weeks and collected  $517.18!


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