East Windsor Education Association



Thanks to everyone for participating in EWEA Day…whether it’s with a blue shirt, a white shirt, that “oldie but goodie”  yellow shirt, or “real clothes”!

Your donation helps public schools stay alive in this turbulent time, and helps get pro-education candidates in office.

Here’s some pics of our EWEA Members in action!

IMAG0293 IMAG0295 IMAG0297 EWEA Day - GNR 1 EWEA Day - GNR 3 EWEA Day - GNR 2 IMAG0294 IMAG0296 IMG_20140314_142417 EWEA Day - GNR 4 EWEA Day - GNR 5 EWEA Day - GNR 6 EWEA Day - GNR 7 EWEA Day - GNR 8

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