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Congrats to Our Newly Tenured Teachers!


Hello colleagues,

Receiving tenure happens after a LOT of hard work, long hours, dedication to the students and being observed nine or more times!

Actually, that is what happens even after you receive tenure 😉

We want to congratulate the following EWEA members for receiving their tenure on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. They have worked hard for this and have earned it.

Our newly tenured staff are:

Jaissa Almonte

Christina Bachar

Rob Bucci

Eric Butler

Anthony Carnese

Adriana Castaldo

Kathryn Cubano

David Delisi

Christopher Edwards

Kelly Gaskill

Karin Lloyd

Daniel Mahoney

Patricia Nojiri

Kelly Perrone

Todd Peto (10/2/14)

Janet Reyes

Jessica Ruddy

Carolina Safar

Kathleen Shaffer

Douglas Shunk

Elizabeth Somer

Chrisitne Stubbs

Chayne Swartout

Michael Tozzi

Sarah Vandervort

Tora Vogel

Daniel Voorhees

Sarah VandervortphotoJanet Reyes and Rob Bucci20140902_11090120140902_110316


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