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FAST Literacy Night…FANTASTIC!


On May 11, 2016, more than 125 students and families took part in our second FAST event, “Multicultural Literacy Night.” Funding for this event came from a NJEA FAST grant that our PRIDE/FAST chairperson, Esmeralda Garcia, applied for.
Families were treated to a scrumptious meal that they enjoyed together. There were different literacy stations where students listened to stories, designed quilt squares, made maracas, and more!
Every family went home with books..and more books! They also received small emergency kits…all courtesy of EWEA.
We want to personally thank the teachers who volunteered to help that night. We are all so busy, yet these folks gave up a nice quiet evening at home to be part of an enriching experience with our district’s ELL students.
Thank you:
Meagan Moran
Janet Reyes
Yvonne Santiago
Rosanna Paco
Robert Bucci
Keith Samber
Jessica Myers
Ellen Ogintz
Jolly Becerra
Lisa Tanikawa-Brown
Milagros Roux
Jeanette Rivera
Tiffany Acevedo
Jennifer Elgolany
Angela Castaneda
Veronica Lubrano
Michelle Gonzalez
Virginia Caamano
Maida Reyes-Cote
Linda Pohl
Robin Headen
Ilene Edgerton
Lauren Keener
Maureen Bongiorni
Ana Martinez
Mariellen Bradley
Stephanie Benjamin
Barbara Herrera
Nicole Bekefi
Esmeralda Garcia
And to quote Rod Stewart, “Every Picture Tells a Story”…so enjoy!
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