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All About PRIDE and FAST

EWEA is fortunate to have a very strong PRIDE and FAST program.

Our PRIDE/FAST Chairs are Esmeralda Garcia & Angela Castaneda. They is totally committed to working on getting EWEA lots of PRIDE/FAST grant money for many activities next year.  Two years ago, our PRIDE/FAST grant money was OVER $30,000!!

PRIDE grants are for general community events like the Hightstown Harvest Fair (October 8th), RISE events, specific school events (WCB’s Fall Fun with the PTO, EMK’s Pasta Literacy Night, Drew’s Donuts for Dads, HHS Musical, Homecoming game, and Honor Society Induction, etc.) and more. Our presence and participation at these activities gives US the opportunity to connect with the community and show them that their teachers and other educators are #1!

FAST (Families and Schools Together)is a program that works as a bridge between the families of our bilingual students and our schools. Our goal is to get the families  into our schools and feeling comfortable there so that we can help them help their children. Although the program was mostly at the McKnight School two years ago, our brothers and sisters at Kreps got the fever too. For the 2016- 2017 school year, we would love to branch out to our other schools so we can spread the magic across the district!

We need YOUR help! Come to one of our FAST events and see how wonderful it is when we are all working together towards a common goal. Join a committee at your building. Volunteer to participate in a PRIDE or FAST event. It’s really just  saying “hello”, distributing free “giveaways”, and taking “attendance” from community members.  Yes…we need YOU!

We have just been approved for almost $20,000 for PRIDE grants alone! This will be for dances, Halloween happenings, PTO events, and more. We are even sponsoring the HHS Robotics Team! We are putting together the FAST grant now, so let us know of you have any ideas

Also, be on the look-out for an email from Esmeralda and Angela asking you to help at one of the events. It can’t happen without YOU!

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